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Looking for the best paving machine?
Nimatech supplies machines for machine lay paving. For concrete paving in all kind of machine lay paving patterns Nimatech has the Hunklinger paving machine and Nimatech Vacuum machines available .


Hunklinger paving clamb

The Hunklinger paving clambg is the best machine for laying stones by machine in all kind of paving patterns.
The most perfect and thoughtful paving machine system originated from experience and is continuously developed.

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Nimatech Vacuum Systems

Lifting with vacuum provides great opportunities!

Nimatech is manufacturer of vacuum machines for the suction of concrete slabs and tiles.

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Lehnhoff Variolock

Change any hydraulic tool effortless, quick and safe without leaving the cab!
The Variolock quickcouper consists of a velveblock on the quickcoupler on the adapter wich is mounted on the attachment. Available for excavators from 1,5 - 130 ton!

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