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Road plates

Nimatech supplies plastic ramps in various sizes and weights. The lightest (23kg) should be in accordance with the OHS lifted by an employee.

Road plates



2000 x 800 mm 15 mm 23 kg
3000 x 1000 mm 15 mm 43 kg
3000 x 1000 mm 20 mm 57 kg
4000 x 1000 mm 15 mm 57 kg
4000 x 1000 mm 20 mm 67 kg
5000 x 1000 mm 15 mm 71 kg
5000 x 1000 mm 20 mm 95 kg

Synthetic stamp plate..

This plate prevents bending of the outriggers of your excavator and protects the base ground.
Advantages: quality, safety, price.
Properties: light, sustainable, strong, moisture repellent, round, deburred, having carrying straps. This product is available in various measurements and shapes: whether a square, rectangle or a shape, it is all possible. The holders are made of galvanized steel, even the padlock. These are for two pieces of synthetic stamp plates. This product is available in three sizes:
Type : 400, 500 en 600
Plate thickness: 40, 50 of 60 mm

Company name milled

More options are available for this product. We can both add handles to this product or mill your company name.
Maximum measurements are:
Length: 7 meter
Width: 2 meter
Thickness: 150 mm


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