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The Hunklinger clamb

The Hunklinger hydraulic stoneclamb is designed to clamb and lift up heavy elements as concrete stones.

The Hunklinger hydraulic stone clamp is able to lift and/or move elements both lengthwise as in width.

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The least heavy stoneclamp from this series is the S-100. This clamp weighs 45 kg, but has an unmatched clamping force. Due to the compact model this stone clamp it is able to use this stone clamp for smaller shovels and mini cranes. The Hunklinger S-100 is very suitable for most common curbstones.

Hunklinger steenklem Hunklinger steenklem Hunklinger steenklem


The Hunklinger S-400 is the Hunklinger S-100’s big brother. This clamp is more suitable for the bigger and heavier duties. Due to the bigger clamping range large tiles or long curbstones can be extended without any trouble.

Hunklinger steenklem Hunklinger steenklem


A Hunklinger S-600 is available for the heavy work with a sturdy structure and powerful cylinders. The S-600 is also a compact clamp. This clamp is realizable with a backhoe bucket. The S-600 is also available with a twist rotor or a turntable.

Hunklinger steenklem Hunklinger steenklem
Hunklinger steenklem

Very versatile

The Hunklinger is a very versatile clamp. The clamp from the S-series is not just suitable for pavers, but also for forestry or for gardeners. This is due to the many possible clamping jaws that can easily be exchanged. On the image above you can see a range of possibilities.

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Max load

Clamping range Additional
S-100 Hunklinger S-100 45 kg 150 kg 0 cm - 120 cm 360º rotor


Hunklinger S-400 110 kg 400 kg 0 cm - 150cm 360º rotor
S-600P Hunklinger S-600-P 250 kg 800 kg 0 cm - 135 cm 360º rotor
S-600F Hunklinger S-600F 250 kg 800 kg 0 cm - 135 cm Provided with turntable
S-1000F Hunklinger S-1000F 460 kg 1500 kg 0 cm - 135 cm Provided with turntable

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